67 Days until the Daytona 500

Car number 67 has started 639 races and has  0 wins, 1 pole, 23 top 5s, 114 top 10s, and 214 DNFs in the NASCAR Cup Series.


  • Buddy Arrington drove #67 for most of his career. He started the number in 481 of his 560 starts from 1963-1988.
Arrington, 1972

Buddy Arrington is a legendary figure in the realm of NASCAR and Mopar history. Arrington began professional NASCAR racing in December 1963 behind the wheel of his Dodge hardtop, and for the next twenty-five years, he never missed a season; finally retiring from the sport in 1988. What makes Arrington unique in the history of the sport was his absolute dedication and loyalty to Chrysler, and his positive attitude in spite of what often seemed like insurmountable odds.

Arrington’s Chrysler Imperial, 1984

Being the team owner and driver, Arrington drove Dodges from 1964 all the way through mid-season 1985. In 1984 and 1985, his Chrysler Imperial became the last Chrysler product in NASCAR until Dodge reentered the sport in 1999 with Ram in the Truck Series. As prolific a racer as Buddy Arrington was, and as popular as he still remains among fans, he never won a single NASCAR race. In his 560 career starts, he mustered fifteen top five finishes, and his highest points finish was seventh, achieved in 1982. Still, Buddy Arrington never abandoned the Mopar banner until Mopar completely abandoned him, pulling all parts sponsorships in 1985.


  • David Pearson started the #67 car in 31 races between 1960-1961. Pearson made his first career start at Daytona in 1960, and would drive the #67 on his entire campaign to become the 1960 Rookie of the Year for the Grand National (Sprint Cup) Series.
Pearson in his #67, 1960.


  • Elton “Wild Man” Hildreth was a legendary modified and late model racer out of South Jersey, and 29 of his 51 Grand National starts came in the #67 from 1952-1953. After his brief venture into NASCAR, Hildreth returned to modified racing in his signature #16-J



  • From 1970-1971 Dick May started the #67 car in 29 events.
Dick May
  • Other notable names in #67
    • Brad Teague, 5 starts
    • Elmo Langley, 4 starts
    • Shorty Rollins, 2 starts
    • Jimmy Pardue, 2 starts
    • Boris Said, 2 starts
    • Speedy Thompson, 1 start
    • Buck Baker, 1 start
    • Ken Schrader, 1 start
    • Morgan Shepherd, 1 start
    • Joe Millikan, 1 start
    • Johnny Allen, 1 start
    • Dale Jarrett, 1 start
    • Ken Bouchard, 1 start
    • EJ Trivette 1 start

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