39 Days until the Daytona 500

Light day today! Not a whole lot of people have driven #39.

In Sprint Cup Series competition the #39 car has started 422 races with 54 drivers and has 4 wins, 12 poles, 46 top 5s, 135 top 10s, and 142 DNFs.

  • Ryan Newman  has the most starts in #39 with 180 from 2009-2013. During his time as Stewart-Hass Racing, Newman scored 4 wins driving #39: once a year from 2010-2013. He made the Chase for the Sprint Cup in 2009, 2010, & 2013. In #39 Newman  had a tendency  to find trouble  at Talladega . Newman is the only driver to ever win in #39.
Ryan Newman, 2011

nascar20talladega20auto20racing_005-m512279831Carl Edwards, Ryan Newman, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Newman repeatedly found trouble at Talladega.
  • Raymon “Friday” Hassler  drove #39 in 114 starts from 1967-1972 including 42 top 5 finishes. At the first 125 mile qualifying race for the 1972 Daytona 500 Friday was brutally killed in an accident started when David Ray Boggs cut a tire. He was 36.friday_hasslerb3c5_1Warning: Graphic Content: Video of Friday’s crash and aftermath can be seen here. The video contains disturbing content that may be considered NSFW or NSFL. 
  • Blackie Wangerin  started the #39 car 26 times between 1977-1984.


  • From 2003-2005 Chip Ganassi fielded the #39 as an R&D car. Scott Pruett  made 4 starts, David Stremme  made 3 starts, Reed Sorenson  made 1 start, and Bill Elliott  drove the car in the 2005 Bud Shootout (Sprint Unlimited).
Scott Pruett, 2005
David Stremme, 2005
Reed Sorenson, 2005
Bill Elliott, 2005
Bill Elliott, 2005
  • Other notable names in #39
    • LeeRoy Yarbrough, 7 starts
    • Scott Lagasse, 2 starts
    • Bob Welborn, 2 starts
    • David Pearson, 1 start
    • Jim Sauter, 1 start
    • Rich Bickle, 1 start

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